Rethymno Villa Elia, Crete. Elia Villa Rethymno, Traditional country home with swimming pool.
    Rethymno Villa Rodia, Crete. Rodia Villa Rethymno, Traditional country home with swimming pool.
    Rethymno Villa Daphne, Crete. Daphne Villa Rethymno, Traditional country home with swimming pool.
    Rethymno Villa Myrtia, Crete. Myrtia Villa Rethymno, Traditional country home with swimming pool.
    Arkadi, Preveli, Rethymno Crete Holiday Villas location map & tourist information. Seaview traditinal Villas in Crete, Rethimno, Arkadi, Preveli.
    Traditional Cretan flavours & recipies, Rethymno. Cretan diet, Creta nutrition in Thimonies seaview country homes - villas with individual swimming pool.
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    We had a perfect week here in your lovely villa. We will recommend your house to our friends that is a sure thing!

    5 sisters from Holland, 10/10-23/10/2015(Villa Rodia)
    Thank you for a wonderful stay in the villa. We enjoyed great local food wine and weather. If ever we are in Crete again we will stay here!

    Barried,Brenda,Bethany,Tom, 12/10/2015(Villa Rodia)
    Thank you for your hospitality and everything! The view from the terrace and the pool is just fantastic! In addition the raki,red wine and melons were delicious! We want to come back for sure!!

    Olaf,Christine,Nicole,Marleen,Toni, 20/9/15 (Villa Rodia)
    Dear Katie and Nikos, again thanks for this nice home at Crete! We had great experiences on this unique island and meetings which we will never forget. We will come back. Sure! See you!!

    Florian,Nick,Katie from Germany, 3/8-19/8/2015 (Villa Daphne)
    Μοναδική και ιδιαίτερη διακόσμηση με τέλειο γούστο!! Και θέα!! Λυπούμαστε πολύ που μείναμε μόνο 3 ημέρες και δεν καταφέραμε να το απολαύσουμε περισσότερο! Όμως θα ξαναέρθουμε!

    Κυριάκος, Δήμητρα, Γιώργος, Σωτηρία, 3/7-6/7/15 (Villa Daphne)
    When we arrived, the house was nice and tidy, the pool was clean and the grass in the garden was as green as could be. In short: our stay was great!

    Hans, Jeanet, Jelle, Maarten and Famke, July 2015 (Villa Daphne)
    Our first Greek holiday was great!Our stay in villa "Elia" was splendid,our girls enjoyed the pool(and the free wi-fi!).

    Family Vangilbergen,Belgium July 2015(Villa Elia) 
    Thank you very much for a great stay at your lovely villa! Also, thanks a lot for your hospitality and Cretan presents and a big compliment to the cleaning lady and the gardener for their services!!

    Marry,Marhes,Dide,Tim,Loic,Yohen from Holland, 3/5-10/5/2015 (Villa Rodia)
    Dear Kate and Nikos,we stayed in your wonderfull house for one week.We enjoyed your stylish house,the beautifull surroundings and the Kretan way of life.We just had a great holiday!!Thanks for that.

    Ellen,Marit,Sem,Peter and Henriette, April/May 2015 
    Thank you very much, especially for the Easter eggs and the oranges. We had a very nice stay!

    Renne,Sarah,John,Milena from Luxembourg, 17/4/15(Villa Rodia)
    Η γραφική θέα που μασ προσέφερε το σπίτι καθώς και η εσωτερική του διακόσμηση ομολογώ μασ άφησε έκπληκτους. Με την πρώτη ευκαιρία σίγουρα θα σας ξαναεπισκεπτούμε!

    Νίκος,Ρένα,Μιχάλης,Εβίτα,Μάνος, 1/1/2015 (Villa Daphne)
    We very much enjoyed our stay here.Your villa was exactly as expected and made our stay really comfortable.Thanks a lot for the raki.We are tempted to come back back next year!

    Guillame,Monique,Yanick,Ruhd,Roxane 18/10/2014(Villa Elia) 
    We really enjoyed our stay at this village. It's a beautiful home with a very nice view!

    Nicole,Peter, 9/10/2014 (Villa Daphne)
    Dear Kate & Nikos,We really enjoyed our stay in your villa,nicely situated high upon a hill in Roussospiti.Cleaning and swimming pool services were excellent and the house plus garden provided privacy and cosyness!Thank you very much!

    Henk,Richard,William,Luc,Max from Holland,5/10/2014(Villa Elia)
    Dear Kate & Nikos,We enjoyed the stay in your wonderfull villa.Special thanks for your hospitality and excellent service...this really made the difference!!

    Manje,Mant & Mans.The Netherlands 14/9/2014(Villa Elia)
    We really enjoyed our stay at the villa. The village was very nice and the people very friendly. Efharisto!

    Tonu,Aili,Lenna,Valli,Martin from Estonia, 6/9-13/9/2014 (Villa Rodia)
    Thank you for your hospitality! See you next year!!!

    Nick,Florian,Katie From Germany, 4/8-20/8/2014(Villa Daphne)
    Dear Kate and Nikos,thank you very much for all.Again we had a great holiday in your villa!We all hope,we come again soon!

    Family Steigenhofer 10/8/2014 (Villa Elia)
    It was really great staying here!We had a lovely holiday on Crete.Thank you for your hospitality and help!

    Chlei family from Oosterhout,Netherlands 12/7-26/7/2014(Villa Elia)
    We had a lovely stay in your beautiful home! Thank you very much for your hospitality!!

    Thys,Barbara,Luuk,Suus from Holland, 4/7-18/7/14 (Villa Daphne)
    We felt very lucky when we found this house,and it sure lived up to our expectations!We'll try to come back to this fantastic house at Crete.Kaiti - Nikos,the service has been spotless!!

    Thomas Hilde from Harestua,Norway 3-10/7/2014(Villa Elia)
    We enjoyed very much our stay for one week in the beautiful villa which we found over the internet and found exactly as described. We are looking forward to coming back one day. It's little paradise!!

    Family from Salzburg, 30/6-7/7/2014(Villa Rodia) 
    We spent winderful days here! Your house is amazing, all in the villa is perfect: the view, the pool, the garden, the furniture, nothing is missing!!

    Maria,Fabio,Francesco from San Marino, June 2014 (VIlla Daphne)
    Περάσαμε υπέροχα το τριήμερο της 28ης Οκτωβρίου.Συγχαρητήρια για το γούστο και την όλη διακόσμηση των βιλλών...
    Επιφυλασσόμεθα για την επόμενη φορά μαζί με τα παιδιά μας για πολλές βουτιές στην πισίνα.Αγαπημένες γωνιές του σπιτιού το τζάκι,η αυλή με το γκαζόν,τα μπάνια και ειδικά η τουαλέτα "homo sapience" όπως την ονόμασα...

    Νεκτάριος και Δέσποινα από Ηράκλειο 28/10/13 (Villa Daphne)

    We really enjoyed the stay here.The cleaning lady and pool boy are very kind!!One thing we really liked, was a visit to "Mili" and it's old watermills.Wear good shoes and walk across the path.

    Joshua and Maryke Amsterdam,Holland 2-12/10 2013 (Villa Rodia)
    We had a wonderful week in your lovely country homes,thanks to Kate + Nikos.We enjoyed great food,wine and weather!

    Katja,Marian,Daniel,Lea 1/9/2013 (Villa Rodia)

    We had a very pleasant stay in your villa Rodia.The weather was great and the food we ate was perfect.Thank yoy for the grapes you gave us.They tasted delicious.We will miss everything here!

    Grelts,Remco,Fanke,Eline and Tony 14-25/8 2013
    Οι διακοπές στις "Θημωνιές" θα μας μείνουν αξέχαστες.Ευχόμαστε να ξανάρθουμε.Τα έχετε φτιάξει όλα με γούστo και μεράκι.Μπράβο σας!!!

    Βασίλης -
    Φιλιώ - Χριστίνα - Αλέξανδρος από Θεσσαλονίκη (Αύγουστος 2013 - Villa Elia)
    We highly enjoyed the house, it's panoramic view,the pool and the hospitality in Roussospiti.Your house was the ideal place of departure for us to explore the island...See you again next time."andio" and "efcharisto"

    Nadine and Florian,Edith and Karl from Schrecksbach,Germany 22/7-4/8 2013 (Villa Daphne)

    We really enjoyed our stay at this wonderfull place.Beautifull homes you have here,especially the view.

    Wouter & Claudia van't Land 19/7/2013 (Villa Daphne)
    Life is beautiful,especially in a place like this.I enjoyed every moment of it.Good atmosphere here.Next time i'll be around.

    Ger from Rotterdam (May 2013)
    We have enjoyed our stay in both villa Daphne and villa Elia.We were suprised to hear that it was easter that weekend and we had the opportunity to celebrate it a little bit with the greeks.We have had sunny days.Thanks for the wonderful place we will always remember this special place on Crete!!

    Petra and Marco,Thomas,Simon,Nathan -Villa Elia (Easter 2013)

    Dear Nikos,
    we had a wonderful stay in your villa.The view,the rooms,the swimming pool,the terrace,everything was perfect.We enjoyed the beaches as well ; Rethimno,Plakias,Damnoni and Panormos.The kids had also a great time.We certainly come back!

    Joep,Annuska,Mina(5y) and Tristan(2y) from Amsterdam.   19/10-26/10/12  (Villa Daphne)
    Thank you for our stay at your beautiful house here on Crete!Good people,food and climate :) ! What more to wish for?!

    Lisanae,Marjam,Elisabeth 17/9/12
    Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ! Η διαμονή ήταν άψογη και το νησί φανταστικό!
    Περάσαμε υπέροχα!!

    Μια παρέα απο τη ΓλυφάδαΚλείσιμο ματιού   7/9/12
    We enjoyed every day the beautiful house.Many thanks to Nikos and Kate for their kindness.They were always helpful.We will certainly come back!

    Family Boja-Jeiler (September 2012) - Villa Elia
    Καίτη και Νίκο,
    κοιτώντας μπροστά μου(κάθομαι στο μπαλκόνι) χαζεύω την Φορτέτζα με τις πολεμίστρες,γυρνώντας το βλέμμα δυτικά θυμάμαι τα μπάνια στη Γεωργιούπολη,προς το Νότο σκέφτομαι τον Πρέβελη....
    Σας αγαπάμε πολύ!!!!!!

    Γιώργος - Μαρία - Βασίλης - Νίνα - Κων/νος 27/8/12( Βίλλα Δάφνη)
    Dear Kate and Nikos,
     again we had a very great time here at your villa!!!Thanks a lot for the warm welcome and your hospitality!And we all loved your sweets.
     fam.Steigenhofer (Germany) 12/8/12
    We had a perfect stay in thimonies country house. We enjoyed our holiday house,garden and B.B.Q , it was a great time

    Henk en Mieke-Mark en Frankien-Wim en Marya (The Netherlands)   August 2012
    Dear Kate and Nikos,
     Judging from the presentation of your villa in the internet we expected a great holiday.But the images these hardly give an impression how wonderful and inspiring the stay at Elia has been.
    Thank you again for your heartly welcome and the excellent services you provided. We are looking forward to coming back again!!!

       Maih,Finja,Falk und Jn's Schittler    - Villa "Elia" July 2012
    Dear Kate and Nikos!
     Thank you for your villa. It is really beautiful.Best idea, design and the result.We fell ourselves as at home in our DAYA :)) Beautiful seaview and mountain air! We have received full relax. Thank you from all our family and welcome to Moscow.

    Yuriy,Leua,Yuriy - 3/7/12
    We enjoyed our time in Villa "Rodia" and would like to thank you, Nikos and Kate, for the raki and your hospitality. Also our thanks for the good care of the cleaning lady and the people that look care for the swimming pool...

    Verresen - Belgium - 29/6/12
    We really enjoyed the house, pool, BBQ and your hospitality.The kids didn't really want to leave, so we had to promise them to come back...

    Family Van de Wetering (Villa Rodia June 2012)
    We had a great "honeymoon" here in Creta! The Villa is great, we loved the view! The people here are very nice! Thanks for everything.

    Fam. Kiewied(from Ameland-nice island of Holland!) 25/5/12 - Villa "Daphne"
    Our second honeymoon, after 25 years of marriage, was a big success! Thank you for your hospitality. We’ ll be back for another honeymoon…

    Family Pranger  6/5/12
    What a lovely holiday we had! Great house (good beds), swimming pool and garden and of course a wonderful service!

    Harry, Helena, Lolte, Frank V. (Holland) 6/5/12
    It was fantastic house, the view and the greek hospitality was great. For sure, we will come back in the future!

    Robi en Laura – Eindhoven Holland  4/5/12
    Thank you for the warm welcome with the very nice orange. We will be back. Next time with two babies…

    Family Gerjen  29/4/12
    We found an optimal house for our holiday. All was perfect and clean. I think we will come again and recommend your house to our friends.

    Peter and Marianne H.  29/4/12
    Thanks a lot for all the nice gestures, the lock on the stairs for our son, the riding horse in the garden etc. We hope to visit Kreta again and we love to stay at “Rodia” again.

    Gregory, Lione  and Thierry Cor.  13 – 20/4/12
    Η διαμονή μας ήταν παραπάνω από ευχάριστη. Το μεράκι σας λειτούργησε σε μέγιστο βαθμό! Μπράβο για την ομορφιά του χώρου. Το καλωσόρισμα με το υπέροχο κρασί και την διακριτικότητά σας…

    Μαρία, Δημήτρης, Μαριλένα, Χριστίνα (Πάσχα 2012)
    We’ ve had a wonderful time in this little paradise!

    Eli and Carolien Piehouw 21/9/11
    We are happy to spend our holidays at “thimonies”. We thank you for all (wine, pottery, specially moussaka – very good!)

    Fabrice D. 4/7 – 25/7/11 (France)
    We had a wonderful time an enjoyed it very much!

    Stefanie W. (summer 2011)
    We spent great weeks in your holiday  –  houses and would like to come back next summer!

    Family Birkendor  26/6-10/7/10